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I never smelt the first formulation so I can't compare but I love it just the way it's balanced now. Back in '88 i first smelled this.that time my nose wasnt ready for the heavy petrol etc notes.was a game changer in the mens fragrance game.. Todays formulation i would say is more wearable,tempering the original for easy wear...thats a good thing if you dont like offending your co workers.

I like the log burning smell you get but I wouldn't want it dominating the entire scent, especially during the hotter weather.

I usually wear feminine scents—I’m a Shalimar and no. But I was feeling nostalgic for my ex, a butch through and through who wore this scent with swagger and confidence. I spritzed it on this afternoon and was pleasantly surprised by that interesting leather-petrol opening with a fresh overlay of violets. Try to nab a vintage bottle - not too hard to do as this was a best seller and there are thousands of older bottles out there. I don't really get the gasoline smell that other people get, yes it smells hot and smokey but not like someone started up a 2 stroke engine. The scent pyramid contains 22 elements, but here is what I get: 80% leather, 5% violet leaf, 5% patchouli, 5% vetiver, 3% nutmeg, 2% mandarin. If you wear this one, keep in mind that a little goes a long, long way and yesterday's application can still be strong on your clothing if you reapply today. There's hope that not all has sunk into genderless, sweet, metrosexuality.

Even if you land a bottle from the early 2000s it's miles ahead of the latest batches. It just smells very masculine to me, a dark spicy and sexy juice. Also the best projection and Longetivity of any frag I've owned, 2-3 sprays of this will be good all day. Sorry, but I do not want to smell like a new leather couch…and most of the girls hate it.. didn't pour gas on myself, while wearing a leather coat with nutmeg in my pockets. Where touting gender bending fluidity is some kind hallmark of artistry and proper aesthetic.

Maybe it was better, but this is all we can get now. That said, I'm not brave enough to wear it out and about, so I just enjoy it at home, where I can sniff my wrists like a lunatic! في نظري مصدر رائحة البيترول الرائعة من مكون زهرة البنفسج مع اندماجها مع مكون الجلد و كدالك مساهمة الفيتيفير والاخشاب .

in comparison, when i sprayed the new version yesterday, i was hoping for the childhood flashback, but all i got was a blast of gasoline and bitterness that lasted less than 2 hours. People in this part of the country are not that much enthusiastic about perfumes. This fragrance goes from dirty to clean like no other... My latest 2017 bottle is good but not as good as earlier batches IMO. I believe, this is a very very manly/macho scent, but I never liked this type of fragrances… I used six sprays..wrist, back & front of my neck, chest and front of my shirt. To be fare, I don't think every guy could pull this one off.

Sorry to disappoint but thats my opinion, try before you buy it. If I remember correctly, boxes/packaging changed in 2014 with a definitive reformulation, at this point scent changed the most, at least to my eyes and this scent change I would call as modernized.

Recently, I've bought one in Sephora in Paris and must say that malheureusement it is just more synthetic and watered down (((( Very nice frag, but terrible projection and longevity.

The Drydown smells amazing and I can appreciate the uniqueness of the opening but I'm pondered as to why people would want that part to be stronger.

I'm new to this fragrance and I have recently fallen in love with it.

It used to be nuclear, the current version is actually more refined, the huge edges are now sanded down so that it pleases more people than it did before. It's a cool, damp December day in Georgia and Fahrenheit suits it perfectly. Batch code 4y01 رائحته 10/10 ثباته 8/10 فواحه 8/10 عطر فهرنهايت الجوهرة الخالدة والاسطورة الحية.

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