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11-Oct-2017 11:58

No this isn’t a crime scene, it’s Conor Mc Cullagh’s work desk in which he creates practical special effects for some of the movie industry’s biggest directors, producers and studios.Conor tells us a little bit about his current projects which include the next season of critically acclaimed Cinemax exclusive “Outcast” and work-in-progress indie “Faceless.” That’s the thing about Conor though, he will take on any project whether it be independent film or a big blockbuster movie such as “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.The eleventh season of the Syfy reality television series Face Off (Styled as Face Off All Stars) premiered on January 24, 2017.This season features returning contestants ("All-Stars") from previous seasons.Unlike previous seasons, the contestants will not compete individually, but instead, will be paired in teams of two.Each team will compete to win immunity during one week, while eliminations will take place the following week.From episode 9 forward, the competition is individual and one contestant is eliminated each week.

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Unlike other challenges, the judges were not present in this episode.

We shot that almost two years ago.” Cinemax has not given an official announcement about the premiere of “Outcast” season two, only to say that it is “coming soon.” Some have speculated that they want to wait until the end “The Walking Dead” season seven.