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his ego nigrantem commixta grandine nimbum, dum trepidant alae saltusque indagine cingunt, desuper infundam et tonitru caelum omne ciebo.diffugient comites et nocte tegentur opaca: speluncam Dido dux et Troianus eandem devenient.He was called the Poet, as if no other existed; the Roman, as if the ideal of the commonwealth were embodied in him; the Perfect in Style, with whom no other writer could be compared; the Philosopher, who grasped the ideas of all things…Virgil, after all, acted as the wise guide through the Inferno for late medieval poet Dante, who was accorded a similar degree of reverence in the early modern period.The first 200 donors willing and able to fork over at least 500 euros (currently about 3), will receive a printed reproduction of the in its original language, a true undertaking of love, you can’t go wrong with Pharr’s excellent scholarly text of the first six books (or see an online Latin text here).If you’d rather skip the genuinely difficult and laborious translation, you can always read John Dryden’s translation free online.

Should you wish to contribute to the effort, you can make a donation to the project.

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It’s fair to say that every period which has celebrated the literature of antiquity has held epic Roman poet Virgil in extremely high regard, and that was never more the case than during the early Christian and medieval eras. C.---writes Clyde Pharr in the introduction to his scholarly Latin text---“Vergil was ardently admired even in his own day, and his fame continued to increase with the passing centuries.

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Under the later Roman Empire the reverence for his works reached the point where the was opened at random, and the first line on which the eyes fell was taken as an omen of good or evil.” This cult of Virgil only grew until “a great circle of legends and stories of miracles gathered around his name, and the Vergil of history was transformed into the Vergil of magic.” The spelling of his name also transformed from Vergil to Virgil, “thus associating the great poet with the magic or prophetic wand, The medieval world looked upon him as a poet of prophetic insight, who contained within himself all the potentialities of wisdom.

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