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22-Jul-2017 08:32

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If there’s photos with other girls, I get a little wary, especially if it’s a more intimate photo. Unlike meeting someone in real life, or even doing speed dating, the person decides to either like or dislike you based on the limited details you’re able to give so you have to make a good impression.

It helps to state who you are and what you’re looking for.

As someone who is extremely awkward and shy, dating has never really been my forte.

I could never tell if someone was flirting with me and my overall experience was...marginal at best.

The way the conversations went, how he reacted to certain topics, helped me see what type of person he was. When we finally went on our date, we went to the Whistling Kettle in Troy.

It was a place where we could leave quickly if things went bad, but it was still a very relaxed place.

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Gif Source When I first downloaded the app, my two roommates were also in the room and helped me make a profile. Do I say that I’m a huge nerd who loves video games? Well, they helped me pick out some photos that I looked good in and told me it was alright to say what I was interested in.

I started talking to a guy on the app, he asked me to go out, then when I didn’t want to go over to his house and watch Netflix on the first date, something suddenly came up and we couldn’t hang out.

Yeah, he just wanted a hookup that I wasn’t interested in.

So, at the suggestion of a friend, I decided to try online dating.

I’ve been using apps for a year now in the hopes of making a connection with someone, but things don’t always work as planned.That’s probably pretty standard in this day and age, but it’s a good reminder.