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When school teacher Miss Land (Alison Steadman) decides to cast all 3 of them in the school play it seems like Alan may finally get his wish granted as the script calls on him to kiss Ann.

You have to say that coming of age movies are ten a penny but a British coming of age movie set in post war Britain is not so common.

As such "P'tang, Yang, Kipperbang" does have something which makes it feel slightly different to those other movies that tackle a similar subject and that is the nostalgic appeal to a British audience.

With a nice setting, old fashioned characters and elements of childhood fun in the 40s it certainly has a wonderful nostalgic feel about it.

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"The business of finding a partner is really difficult with the lifestyle connected with acting - but I would like to have children one day." "I was brought up in a family where my parents stayed together and loved each other very much.Abigail's first screen role was at the age of 11 in a BBC2 play Elizabeth Alone.