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The children are so-called 'cubs of the caliphate' - the name given to youngsters who have been brainwashed with ISIS ideologies and trained to fight and kill for the terror group.

In another scene, three more men are murdered, this time by four heavily-armed adults standing in a clearing next to an ISIS flag.

An outraged source who was sent the image told the newspaper: 'These pictures look more like something from a students’ union than a prison. What’s worse is some prison staff are so hard up they can barely afford to take their families for a Nando’s.'So it is particularly galling to see these criminals enjoying a slap-up dinner.

They are clearly better off than many people outside.

Last month it emerged that the head of ISIS in Afghanistan was killed in a raid carried out by Afghan and US special forces, the country's president said.

Abdul Hasib died during an attack by 50 US special forces and 40 Afghan commandos overnight on April 27, President Ashraf Ghani said.

A statement by United States Forces - Afghanistan, said the raid also killed several other high-ranking members of the organisation along with 35 fighters.

They then point their handguns at their prisoners and carry out the killings.

The images will pile on pressure to Britain's beleaguered prison system — which costs the taxpayer at least £40,000 per prisoner every year.