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I hope it happens soon because since the miscarriage I'm a peeonastick addict as it took 6 weeks for a negative pregnancy test so now every time I pee I think should I dip just incase something is going on and I don't know lol!

Good luck and baby dust to everyone let's hope we all get a good start to 2014 Sent from my i Phone using Netmums mobile app Hiya, Quick question my last cycle was 28 days so by my calculation I'm due to ovulate on Xmas eve & the various apps I'm using also state 20th through to 27th as my best days for ovulation, but I'm confused as yesterday (Sunday) I felt weird down below like i do when I'm about to come on & had loads of ewcm.

Totally in the same boat as you stacey I just havent been tryin as long..I feel the same way ive a 3 year old and she was conceived within a month of tryin so even though ive just been ttc 4months its still hard to deal with..were spoilt 1st time round then?

lots of baby dust to everyone this is our month x mummy to one..3year old daughter Thanks Eileen, I actually fell pregnant with my daughter while on pill...have been fate! Got the Day 21 test done which was consistent with ovulation so docs won't do anymore until March next year when I'll have been trying for 12 months....going to be a long wait until then. Sent from my i Phone using Netmums Im gettin a scan cus this past month has been a bit messed up for ne no af from oct 3rd.bit of brown discharge symtoms as well and faint positive but bloods were negative and ive had terrible pains so gettin checked out soon mummy to one..3year old daughter Can I join?

My two cycles have lasted 26 or 28 days so I'm next due on 4th to 6th Jan. FC & baby dust to all xx Sent from my i Phone using Netmums I'm a bit like you too, I've got an app and am about to order some test strips and intend on testing twice a day just to make sure ;-) If it goes as I've worked out, I should test on the 9th........may order some high sensitivity pregnancy tests incase I get impatient ;-) Good luck!!

X I wouldnt trust the apps girls cus they are just estimates like in theory thats when u shoild ovulate as we all know not very practical..not gona stress myself out this time round.gona opk and symtom spot etc causes way too much stress..went back on the sunbeds today now I know for sure im not preg and im just gona chill out this month..came from the 2ww post and was a late starter to the December post too lol xx mummy to one..3year old daughter Hi girls, Hope it's ok to join Had implant removed in March, this is month 8 of trying.

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Spock keeping him in check as a vengeful Romulan from the future creates black holes to destroy the Federation one planet at a time. Things get complicated when mourning gives way to romantic feelings, while his kids remain sincere priority.Why the faint yest and brown discharge etc    xxx mummy to one..3year old daughter   mummy to one..3year old daughter Filling u in pill mid aug.withdrawel bleed.first proper period 3rd oct and that was the last...testing bfns constant.